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About "Ah-Kin: Bonampak"

In traditional Mayan
AH-KIN means "Men Of The Sun"

Ah-Kin offer this tribute to the
 vanishing Maya people of Mesoamerica.
Through hand-made trditional instruments,
this magical music evokes in us a
meditative spirit of this ancient cultue.
Your soul will be transported to the world
of this mystical tribe.

Traditional Mayan instruments are used in this album. Some of these include the sound of dry leaves for rhythm, different sized wood sticks, and an Indian song in its original dialect which help to create a magical landscape. This mystical music creates a personal place to wonder and remind us that it is possible to live in harmony with nature, as the mayas did a long time ago. As the fading sun sets, the magic falls upon us, giving us a chance to reach inside.

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