Erotic Rhythms from Earth
by Govinda (Ambient / ELectronica)

On his third album, Govinda paints his haunting violin melodies on a new, rich and diverse sound canvas. The grooves are layers of traditional percussion, electronic drum samples, and scratching. The whole background seems to be a thriving, pulsating organism. Beautiful female vocal lines, his own voice, guitar solos, and an immense variety of sound textures make each track an adventure. The more you visit his Erotic Rhythms From Earth, the more you will discover.

# Title Time Listen
1 Tu M'aimes 4:23 mp3
2 City of Pleasures 5:30 mp3
3 Union of Body And Sound 4:21
4 Organic Beauty 5:35
5 Move Me Slow 4:01 mp3
6 Mind Mysterium 4:17 mp3
7 Le Zephyr (Ecstatic Mix) 4:34
8 Two Become One 6:22 mp3
9 Synthetic Beauty 5:29 mp3
10 Falling From Grace 5:28
11 Clear With Fantasy 3:07

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
May 8, 2001

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All songs composed and produced by
 Shane O Madden

Violin, voice, drums, turntables, other
instruments, programming and sampling by
Shane O Madden except where noted

Mastering by
 Matt Shultz at Terra Nova

Design by
 Andreas Adamec

Tu M'Aimes
 vocal-Chrysta Bell    
 drums-Brandon Harper

City Of Pleasure
 percussion-Steve Mitchell 

Union Of Body And Sound
 voice-Laura Scarborough

Move Me Slow
 vocal-Chrysta Bell

Mind Mysterium
 tabla/percussion-Lauren DeAlbert

Le Zephyr (ecstatic mix)
 vocal-Amy Atchley

Two Become One
 voice-Lisa Talev    drums-Brandon Harper    
  percussion & didgeridoo-Steve Mitchell

Falling From Grace
 percussion-Steve Mitchell
 bass-Patrick Quade

Clear With Fantasy
 voice-Gaelle Richard    
 percussion ambience-Brian Berry

These people contributed to the making 
of this CD  by affecting my physical 
and/or emotional state this past year...   

mom, dad, brothers, Bella and Kirian O Madden,  Andrea Burden, Marie-Andree,
Brian Berry, Steve Mitchell, Chrysta Bell, Brandon  Harper, Julie and Kevin,
Dave Ciemny, Nikolai Ugrinsky, Stephanie Schutz, Tina  Marie, Wendy Green,
Andros Sturgeon, Calen Gabriel, Gaelle Richard, Green  Galactic, Lisa Talev,
Jeremy Bruch, Jessica Downing-Ford, Zac Baird, Yasmine Kotb, Rena Jones,
Patrick Quade, Mercury,  Laura  Scarborough, Lane Orsak, Kelli Komiss,
Amy Priest,  Philip Crowley and Mark David.




First off, I wasn't crazy about the other Govinda albums. I liked them, but didn't love them by any means. I bought
this one mostly because I thought the cover was one of the best covers I've ever seen. Upon first listen I was 
very disappointed. Each time I listen o it, though, it gets better and better. Now I really like it (but don't absolutely
love it yet). I think it's much more inventive and original than the other two albums. It's much more down-tempo than
"Entwined and Entranced," incorporating experimental trip-hop beats rather than generic dance beats. The world
sampling is at a minimum and fits very well where it's been placed. The noteworthy songs (in my opinion) are
"Organic Beauty," "Synthetic Beauty," "Mind Mysterium," "Two Become One," the remix of "Le Zephyr," and
"Falling from Grace." Just a warning to anyone listening to it for the first time: The first three songs are the worst
on the album! So don't turn it off and toss it out after listening to just the beginning. Recommended for those that
like trip-hoppy or dubby beats and a fresh new sound unlike most new age or worldbeat artists.

    kokopelectronic from Eagan, MN United States

Electronic rhythms and samples are awash in the warmth of sensual vocals and live percussion and violin. 
Producer/musician Shane O'Madden is the mastermind behind GOVINDA, and chooses eroticism as the theme, 
as evidenced by the song titles and breathly vocals on "Tu M'Aimes" and "Move Me Slow." On several tracks,
O'Madden's violin travels East, producing snake charming sounds with bow and strings. The effect is quite hypnotic
as the violin winds through beats and sampled Indian vocals. Certain songs are peppered with didgeridoo or
additional percussion - like tablas. Govinda relies on solid mid-tempo beats and builds on them with generous doses
of Eastern influences, human voice and effective violin highlights.

  New Age Voice, June 2001 - HU


I own Govinda`s CD "Entwined &Entranced" and now his new CD is even better!! It soothes the soul and enlightens
the spirit. His music brings out a vision of a perfect world living in peace and harmony with one another. If you are
into this music you should also check out "Ikarus- CD:Touch the sun" also available on
Two masterpieces of World/Electronic!!

   Pat from Vienna, Vienna Austria

Producer/composer Shane O'Madden, the brainchild behind Govinda, began
studying violin and composition at age eight.  He went on to study at the
University of Texas School of Music, but it was not until he pursued his
own gypsy roots that his ears opened to the world music scene.  Finding a
particular affinity with Middle Eastern, Indian, Celtic, and southern
Spanish style and "inspired by his passion for urban psychedelia," Govinda
combines this multiplicity of styles with a jazzy electronic beat and "the
highly technical and intense atmosphere of the underground raves."  The
result, enhanced with a CD-ROM video, is a trance-like techno-world
ambiance that erases borders and builds a seductive, entrancing texture.
Promo materials classify this as ambient/electronica, and a spare touch is
key, with more left unsaid than overemphasized, but its earthiness and
prominent vocal accents fit better alongside other creative contemporary

   Nappra Review - July/August 2001