Celtic Journey
by Various Artist (New Age / Celtic / Compilation)

Medieval ambience and Celtic styling coupled with lush orchestral soundscapes and a touch of Brit-pop sensitivity result in a unique and inspiring musical blend from Alkaemy, Sally Oldfield, Philip Riley, Govinda, Clair Marlo, Richard Burmer and others. These tracks feature Celtic vocals, Uilleann pipes, viola, piano, koto, guitar, flutes, keyboard layers and lush string sections.

# Title Time Listen
1 Nimue's Lament 4:33 mp3
2 Secret Call 4:19
3 Into The Blue 6:11 mp3
4 Angel 3:30
5 Celtica 3:52 mp3
6 Slow Runs My Heart 4:24
7 The Emerald 3:42
8 Celtic Mist 3:52 mp3
9 Wailing Reel 4:16
10 Anam Cara 4:00 mp3
11 Awakening 4:07
12 My Damsel Heart 6:24 mp3
13 Willow Song 4:06
14 So Fair A Land 3:09
15 Le Morte D'Arthur 5:07

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
March 7, 2000

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"Celtic Journey" is an expedition to a timeless place where traditional strains of fiddles, harps and guitars join 
piano in a sublime landscape of electronic sounds.  The sweet vocals of Clair Marlo, Sally Oldfield and Aeone 
evoke the melancholy of traditional Celtic ballads in delicate new compositions.  In Romania, we don't have a 
special day to celebrate St.Patrick's life, but this Celtic compilation works anytime.  "Celtic Journey" is a moving 
view of new horizons opened for Celtic music.

          Marius-Christian Burcea
          Fun Radio Bucharest (NAV International)
          March 2000

This music is born there; among misty plains and the marshes, where an old  grass grows, among woody hills and 
calm lakes, high cliffs and the sea, going  beyond the horizon.  This is music of the Celts, an ancient civilization, 
which  culture keeps on influencing greatly the modern world.  And this music comes to  us with the new album,
“Celtic Journey” released by the Earthtone Records.  This is a wonderful  collection!  Celtic music is softly pouring 
on a listener with the first cords of  Nimue's  Lament by Alkaemy.  There is scope and space, gentle longing and 
tenderness in this composition.  The  following one, Secret Call by Ginkgo Garden, supports this mood and you 
find yourself in a stream, being carried by this music, there to the endless sea, and  you plunge into is foamy 
waves, you feel its salty water, and you yourself  become this boundless sea...

The compilers of “Celtic Journey” succeeded both in bringing us the spirit of the  Celts and in keeping the volume, 
openness which are at present in this music.  It  is not only melodic and very cordial, which makes a heart to 
sweetly sink, but  it is very visual.  One can see so many images while listening to such earthly melodies, which at 
the same time seem to come from other worlds.  And  this compilation is made very professionally.  The 
compositions perfectly combine  with each other, supporting each other, keeping the general feeling of  
tenderness and beauty.  You wish just to hear this beautiful music, having  forgotten everything else, immersing 
into pleasant dreams.

The compilers of “Celtic Journey” have included in the collection both the compositions of a well-known artists -- 
Mary Black, Philip Riley and Sally  Oldfield, and many works of young musicians previously released by Earthtone  
Records.  These are Aeon,  Govinda, Alkaemy, and many other brilliant artists.  With that, real diamonds of Celtic 
music are collected here.  The album contains also a pleasant surprise for the listeners, including an epic 
composition by Christopher Franke named Celtic Mist.  Music of “Celtic  Journey” is like a gulp of tipsy-fresh air. 
This music touches deeply, it awakens most light feelings of the human soul, it addresses straight to the heart.

Listen to “Celtic Journey,” this precious gift from the Earthtone Records!  Switch it on and start a journey, full of
incredible adventures.  The  journey to the motherland of this legendary people, whose name is the Celts.

          Serge Kozlovsky
          Musical Gazette (Republic of Belarus)
          March 2000

Medieval ambience, Celtic styling and lush orchestral soundscapes serve as the foundation for this outstanding
release from Earthtone Records.  “Celtic Journey” is a compilation featuring sensitive and inspiring melodies by
some of New Age music's top names.  Govinda, Christopher Franke, Alkaemy, Ginkgo Garden and Jon Mark are
just a few of the gifted artists lending their talents to this lyrical album.  Together they contribute fifteen beautiful
tracks that fuse Celtic vocals, Uilleann pipes, viola, piano, koto, guitar, flutes, keyboards, strings and more into
soul-stirring music sure to captivate Celtic music fans.

          Barbara Smucygz
          Music Design In Review
          May 2000


Nimue's Lament
          Performed by Alkaemy
          Written by Julia Taylor Stanley and Miriam Stockley
          Taken from the album The Merlin Mystery
          Published by Warner/Chappell Music Limited (BMI)
          (p)&(c) 1998 Earthtone Records

Secret Call
          Performed by Ginkgo Garden
          Written by E.W. Muller-Key
          Taken from the album Secret Call
          Published by BSC Music (GEMA)
          (p)&(c) 1996 BSC Music

Into The Blue
          Performed by Ring
          Written by Patti Clemens and Barbara Imhoff
          Taken from the album Soul To The Pleasure
          Published by Copyright Control/Curly Tail Music (BMI)
          (p)&(c) 1996 City Of Tribes

          Performed by Clair Marlo
          Written by Clair Marlo
          Taken from the forthcoming album The Voice
          Published by Tarzana Jane (ASCAP)
          (p)&(c) 2000 Earthtone Records

          Performed by Govinda
          Written by Shane O'Madden
          Taken from the album O Earthly Gods
          Published by Shane O'Madden (BMI)
          (p)&(c) 1998 Earthtone Records

Slow Runs My Heart
          Performed by Jayne Elleson and Philip Riley
          Written by Philip Riley
          Taken from the album The Blessing Tree
          Published by White Cloud (GEMA)
          (p)&(c) 1998 White Cloud

The Emerald
          Performed by Celtic Dance
          Written by Bradley and Stewart James
          Taken from the album Forever Green
          Published by Carlin Music Corp. (PRS)
          (p)&(c) 1999 Earthtone Records

Celtic Mist
          Performed by Christopher Franke
          Written by Christopher Franke
          Taken from the album Enchanting Nature
          Published by Treadstone Music (BMI)
          (p)&(c) 1994 Earthtone Records

Wailing Reel
          Performed by Orion
          Written by Rudy Velghe
          Taken from the album Blue Room
          Published by Keltia Musique, SARL (SACEM)
          (p)&(c) 1993 Keltia Musique

Anam Cara
          Performed by Aeone
          Written by Aeone
          Taken from the album The Woman's Touch
          Published by Angleterre Music (BMI)
          (p)&(c) 1999 Angelterre Music

          Performed by Philip Riley
          Written by Philip Riley and Jayne Elleson
          Taken from the album Visions And Voices
          Published by White Cloud (GEMA)
          (p)&(c) 1994 White Cloud

My Damsel Heart
          Performed by Sally Oldfield
          Written by Sally Oldfield
          Taken from the album Celebration
          Published by EMI Blackwood Music, Inc. (BMI)
          (p)&(c) 1986 Castle Communications PLC

Willow Song
          Performed by Richard Burmer
          Written by Richard Burmer
          Taken from the album Shining By The River
          Published by Richard Burmer Music (BMI)
          (p)&(c) 1995 Richard Burmer

So Fair A Land
          Performed by Jon Mark
          Written by Jon Mark
          Taken from the album Celtic Story
          Published by White Cloud (GEMA)
          (p)&(c) 1993 White Cloud

Le Morte D'Arthur
          Performed by Alkaemy
          Written by Julia Taylor Stanley and Miriam Stockley
          Taken from the album The Merlin Mystery
          Published by Warner/Chappell Music Limited (BMI)
          (p)&(c) 1998 Earthtone Records

Design:  Andreas Adamec, Doerte Lau
Mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland (Tacoma, Washington)
Compiled by Brad Pressman


Celtic Tree of Life by Jen Delyth
Courtesy of Keltic Designs