Spirits of the World
by Various Artist (World / New Age / Ambient / Compilation)

A wonderful collection of vocal and instrumental world pieces from around the globe, inspired by our need to connect with other cultures through music. Dead Can Dance, Natacha Atlas, Govinda, Krishna Das and others set the stage for a world of new music.

# Title Time Listen
1 Lyra (Ta Muid) 3:04 mp3
2 In My Deepest Dreams 5:06
3 Compassion 3:49
4 Summertime 3:33 mp3
5 Turale 4:23 mp3
6 Namah Shivaya 7:16
7 Mon Amie La Rose 4:43
8 Brave New World 4:12 mp3
9 Heart Of The Rainforest 5:51
10 Hope 5:43
11 The New World 5:39
12 Lhasa Love 4:09
13 Shivo'ham, Shivo'ham 6:34 mp3
14 Yulunga 6:55 mp3

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
May 2, 2000

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Lyra (Ta Muid)
          Performed by Celtic Spirit - Written by Iain Dunnet
          Taken from the album LYRA
          Published by Acuff Rose Music Ltd. (PRS) - (p)&(c) 1998 Flame Ltd.

In My Deepest Dreams
          Performed by Ikarus - Written by Wolfgang Stindl 
          Taken from the album TOUCH THE SUN
          Published by Treadstone Music (BMI) - (p)&(c) 2000 Sonic Images Electronica

          Performed by Govinda - Written by Shane O'Madden
          Taken from the album ENTWINED & ENTRANCED
          Published by Shane O'Madden (BMI) - (p)&(c) 1999 Earthtone Records

          Performed by Angelique Kidjo -  Written by Ira Gershwin, Heyward Du Rose and George Gershwin   
          Taken from the album JAZZ A SAINT GERMAIN
          Published by Warner/Chappell Music Limited (BMI) - (p)&(c) 1997 Island Records Ltd.

          Performed by Yasue -  Written by Yasue and Hiro Nagasawa 
          Taken from the album LAKTIA
          Published by Lollipop Music Publisher Co., Ltd./ SM Sounds Publishing, Inc. (JASRAC)
          (p)&(c) 1999 Global Disc Records and BMG Funhouse, Inc.

Namah Shivaya
          Performed by Krishna Das - Written by Krishna Das 
          Taken from the album PILGRIM HEART
          Published by Mustamullah Music (BMI) -  (p)&(c) 1998 Triloka Records, LLC

Mon Amie La Rose
          Performed by Natacha Atlas - Written by Cecile Caulier and Destale Lacome
          Taken from the album GEDIDA
          Published by EMI/Windswept Pacific Music Ltd. (PRS) - (p)&(c) 1998 BNE Records

Brave New World
          Performed by Julia Taylor Stanley and Miriam Stockley - Written by Julia Taylor Stanley and Miriam Stockley
          Published by Warner/Chappell Music Limited (BMI)  -  (p)&(c) 2000 Julia Taylor Stanley

Heart of the Rainforest
          Performed by Primal Instinct  -  Written by Alexander Baker and Clair Marlo
          Taken from the album HEART OF THE RAINFOREST
          Published by Tarzana Jane (ASCAP) -  (p)&(c) 1997 Earthtone Records

          Performed by Bryan Miller - Written by Bryan Miller
          Taken from the album THAT THE WORLD MAY KNOW
          Published by Sensory Overload Publishing (BMI) -  (p)&(c) 1999 Sensory Overload Publishing

The New World
          Performed by Gaïa -  Written by Gary Judd
          Taken from the album EARTH SPIRIT
          Published by The Artful Music Publishing Co. (Copyright Control) -  (p)&(c) 1999 Autumn Records

Lhasa Love
          Performed by Suzanne Teng - Written by Suzanne Teng, Gilbert Levy and Dave Stringer
          Based on the traditional Chinese melody "Tibetan Dance"
          Taken from the album MYSTIC JOURNEY
          Published by Mystic Journey Music (ASCAP) -  (p)&(c) 1999 Mystic Journey Music

Shivo'ham, Shivo'ham
          Performed by Dave Stringer -  Written by Dave Stringer
          Taken from the album BRINK
          Published by Magnetic Melodies (BMI) -  (p)&(c) 2000 Magnetic Melodies

          Performed by Dead Can Dance - Written by Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry   
          Taken from the album INTO THE LABYRINTH 
          Published by Beggars Banquet Music Ltd./Momentum Music Ltd. (ASCAP) - (p)&(c) 1993 4.A.D Records

Compiled by  Brad Pressman
Mastered by  Erik Loponen and Stephen Price at The Other Studio (Toronto, Canada)
Design: Andreas Adamec, Wolfgang Fenchel
Liner Notes by Sharon Chang
Project Coordinator:  Christopher Landry



SPIRTS OF THE WORLD is a spectacular New Age music collection that transport the listener to a global fiesta.
There are chants, prayers, flutes, shakers, electronics and spellbinding rhythms.  SPIRTS OF THE WORLD lifts 
me out of my chair!

I am broadcasting several tracks from this new Earthtone compilation on our program, including Yasue, Natacha
Atlas, Dead Can Dance and Govinda.  Govinda has a lot of enthusiastic responses from my listeners (especially 
from the younger ones) and seems to be one of the most appreciated artist at my radio program, "Journeys to 
the Infinite."  Govinda is the new revelation of New Age/World music.  Thank you for this music.

          Marius-Christian Burcea
          FUN Radio Bucharest (Romania)
          April 27, 2000


SPIRITS OF THE WORLD (Earthtone) is one the better various artist compilation albums available today.  Our 
exploration of the album was initially inspired by Miriam Stockley's recording entitled "Brave New World."  As 
expected, her contribution was exceptional, but the other songs presented an unexpected and surprisingly good 
bonus.  In fact, the first cut on the album, "Lyra," by Celtic Spirit, is a very close rival to Miriam's "Brave New 
World."  It is a thoroughly enjoyable album.

"Lyra," by Celtic Spirit, a hauntingly beautiful song, is very close to our favorite on the album.  The nostalgic a 
capella introduction gives way to a lively, upbeat musical accompaniment which leaves no doubt that it is a 
traditional Irish ballad.  Ikarus' "In My Deepest Dreams," features Middle-Eastern vocals and percussion mixed 
with electronic accompaniment and produces a pleasant, upbeat listening experience.  Godvina can always be 
counted on to produce interesting, unique sounds.  "Compassion" is no exception.  It is very difficult to 
categorize; a touch of Indian, Spanish, Middle-Eastern, and a few others we couldn't identify.  The homogeny of 
styles and instruments creates a unique and appealing musical event.

"Summertime," by Angelique Kidjo is on of the most enjoyable renditions of Gershwin's Summertime that I've ever 
heard.  It is sung in an African language and accompanied by traditional and non-traditional instrumentation.  The
total effect is pure listening pleasure.  "Turale" by Yasue is haunting, seductive and thoroughly enjoyable.  
Upbeat, with interesting melodic intertwines, it is sung in Japanese, with unusual, unexpected vocal mixing. 
"Namah Shivaya," by Krishna Das is a Hindu chant, set to upbeat percussions, with interesting vocals.  As a 
chant it is somewhat repetitive and might not appeal to a broad audience.  Natacha Atlas' "Mon Amie La Rose" will 
certainly steal your heart.  The style is a mixture of Middle-Eastern and Asian, the language is French, and the 
beautiful, seductive voice of Natcha Atlas brings it all together in an intoxicating, erotic musical experience 
certain to please listeners. 

"Brave New World" by Julia Taylor-Stanley and sung by Miriam Stockley is one of our favourites from the album. 
Miriam Stockley, is one of the most talented singers/composers in existence today.  And her voice is purely 
angelic. Given that, the track will appeal to the broadest of audiences.  Sung in English, with African choral 
overlays, it is a celebration of Africa, Miriam's home.  Totally, thoroughly enjoyable, the song is the best on the 
album.  Primal Instinct's "Heart of the Rainforest" is relaxing, meditative, with the  lush rainforest quietly 
overlaying the music.  The mild percussions and flute prevent the common desire to doze off to environmentally 
inspired music.  "Hope," by Bryan Miller begins with a quiet, serene score, which is gently modified with 
percussions and background vocals.  The connection to a Central American primitive culture, as described in the 
insert, is obvious throughout.  The theme of hope is solidly pronounced in this delightful instrumental.

Gaia's "The New World" can best be described as electronic and primitive.  With the introduction of the vocal 
chanting, it almost sounds as if it might be Australian or Native American inspired.  Whatever the  inspiration, the 
deep spirituality of the song is its primary message and it is delivered with skill and talent.  "Lhasa Love," by 
Suzanne Teng is a lively Chinese folk instrumental.  Charmingly beautiful throughout, the children audibly playing 
in the background lend an added touch of cultured innocence.  "Shivo'ham, Shivo'ham," by Dave Stringer is 
Middle-Eastern in style, the combination of instruments and vocals creates an obvious spiritual production that is 
pleasing, without the repetitive chanting found in the previously described Namah Shivaya.  As with Godvina, 
Dead Can Dance can always be relied on to produce the unusual and unexpected.  In "Yulunga," there is an 
obvious Middle-Eastern overtone, but the vocals remind of a Native American influence.  A unique and 
penetrating musical experience.  This thoroughly enjoyable album will appeal to new age and female vocal 
enthusiasts alike.  You can order SPIRITS OF THE WORLD at a variety of online shops including Amazon.com. 
With a stunning new track by Miriam Stockley bracketed by excellent work by various artists it is certainly a must

          K. Donald Bear
          Musical Discoveries (UK)
          June 23, 2000


This new release is a wonderful collection of vocal and instrumental pieces from around the globe, performed by
Govinda, Krishna Das, Dead Can Dance, Primal Instinct, Miriam Stockley, Suzanne Teng, Yasue, Celtic Spirit
and many others.  A truly global mix, SPIRITS OF THE WORLD features fourteen transcendent tracks that fuse
dumbek, pan flute, ocarinas, didgeridoo, nose harp, congas, slack guitar and more with ethnic lyrics.  Ranging
from earthly and rhythmic to mystical and atmospheric, the music offers the listener an exciting escape, taking 
them on a jorney to distant lands they'll want to visit again and again.

          Barbara Smucygz
          Music Design In Review
          July/Agust 2000


Each new collection released by Earthtone Records is a step forward; each  their new works is an integral, 
diversified and very deep, both melodically and stylistically, album.  The project SPIRITS OF THE WORLD is a new  
level of integration of the vast variety of cultures, keeping the unique flavors and individual messages of the 
ethnic melodies from all over the world.  Those  messages are coming from high antiquity, they are keeping 
memory and experience of umpteen generations changed by each other at our planet. 

SPIRITS OF THE WORLD is a very integral project.  It is just impossible to detach any of its components.  It is the 
most integral collection of all I have heard in a long time.  You start playing the album and find yourself among the 
misty hills of Ireland, then you are transferred to the thick Peruvian jungles, and the next moment you're in a 
sandy desert somewhere  at the Middle East...

The initial composition of the project is a magnificent choral "Lyra" performed by Celtic Spirit.  It is like an 
inspirational song for the brave Celts before a decisive battle.  It is followed by a  trip-hop, trance-ethnic "In My 
Deepest Dreams" by Icarus, which  takes you and fluently moves somewhere far to the East, to India.  
Compassion by the young talented performer Govinda from Texas  continues with a hypnotic multinational trance.
Govinda  intertwines the elements of Irish, Indian, South Spanish and Middle Eastern  melodies, adding there a 
bit of Gypsy style, and obtains an arabesque and unique cocktail of a music galvanizing into movement. Then we 
can here an surprise: the  famous "Summertime" in the African languages performed by Angelique  Kidjo. I've 
never heard such interpretation of this work!  Listening it one  wants to say that "Summertime" is an original 
African folk song!

SPIRITS OF THE WORLD has perfect structure.  And the true diamonds are gathered there, each deserving its 
own mini-review.  I'll just  recite some brightest performers of that remarkable constellation of the  musicians. 
Here are cryptic and mystical Krishna Das, bright, full of life and  fire Natacha Atlas, melodically perfect project 
Primal Instinct, the divinely feminine Suzanne Teng.  And the final  the composition "Yulunga" performed by Dead 
Can Dance summarizes all that sounded before, smoothes bursts of various emotions over and also softly, 
lightly, quickly carries you over different lands of our Earth.  You  can see a fairy prospect with hills and lush 
green fields, with white vapor of  clouds and polychromatic sunset sky, with carpet of pathless jungles and  
limitless blue sea.

The album worth listening to; there is so much love and admiration of the riot of colors of this planet, suddenly 
turned to be united and small.  There is joy  and acceptance of every human being living here!

          Serge Kozlovsky 
          Musical Gazette (Republic of Belarus)
          July 3, 2000