Spiritual High
by Various Artist (World / New Age / Ambient / Compilation)

"Spiritual High" is a truly amazing collection of some of the biggest names in new age/ambient and world-influenced music. This moody, rhythmic and trance-ambient album takes the listener on a fantastic spiritual journey and will definitely appeal to fans of Enigma, Deep Forest, Pilgrimage, or B-tribe.

# Title Time Listen
1 Shakuhachi Tales (Native Mix) by KAMAL 5:22 mp3
2 Alibaba by KARUNESH 8:25 mp3
3 Truth About Humans by GOVINDA 3:20
4 Voices (From A Distant Planet) by CYBERTRIBE 5:35 mp3
5 Uktena by STONECOAT 4:41
6 Escape To Reality by Mars Lasar 4:01
7 History Of The Sandman by F.R.E.U.D. 4:48 mp3
8 Blossoms From India by GINKGO GARDEN 4:11
9 Enchantment by ALKAEMY 3:31
10 Parada by MARCOMe 4:27
11 Medicine Man by PRIMAL INSTINCT 3:46 mp3
12 Frog Dancing by DAVID ANTHONY CLARK 5:10
13 Red Rhythm Dragon by JAMES ASHER 5:07
14 Ring Of Gold by AH-KIN 5:25
15 Alegria by POTSCH POTSCHKA 5:42

Album Cover

Earthtone Records
June 1, 1999

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A & R Direction, Concept and Sequencing: Jeff Payne
Re-Mastering: Chas Ferry  
Design: Andreas Adamec



Wholesome work. Brilliant collection. Delight for the new age music lover.  All these in a new Earthtone Records 
collection named Spiritual High. The compilers of  the collection did their best: here we have not only a collection 
of perfect  compositions by the most various musicians, both recording on the  Earthtone Records and on other  
labels (New Earth Records and White Cloud) plus two works  presented personally by two remarkable new age 
artists Kamal and Karunesh.  Spiritual High can  be distinguished of all new age music collections, which I have 
heard in the past,  most of all by its wholeness, where every next composition catches up the mood  of the 
preceding one and where the music flows smoothly form one  theme to another one. The album created good 
surrounding; it is melodious and  deep.

Spiritual High is opened by a very  beautiful composition by Kamal, Shakuhachi Tales, sounding something 
cosmic.  The electronic decoration does not overload a listener, but  creates light and pleasant background. This 
composition is followed by  Alibaba by  Karunesh with a bright rhythmical basis and Oriental tunes. The album 
continues with the composition Truth  About Humans by an artist having the pseudonym Govinda, whose music is
 a  rumbling mixture of trance-ambient electronic music with Indian  folk.  After this,Cybertribe joins in (a 
composition entitled Voices ). This  is a successful project by New Earth Records,  where electronic basis, close 
to Enigma  are connected with buzzing sounds by the Australian eucalyptus tubes digeridoo.

Then follows a whole series of Earthtone Records artists compositions,  beginning with soft with jazz addition
theme Uktena  (from the American Indian project, Stonecoat),  melodically perfect Escape To Reality by Mars 
Lasar, through dramatically-mystical  History Of The  Sandman of the group F.R.E.U.D. to  rhythmically-singing 
Blossoms From India performed by Ginkgo Garden and covering,  based on Celtic folklore composition 
Enchantment by group Alkaemy. In general, Spiritual High does not contain any weak compositions. Good words 
can be said about every one of these. But even  among these compositions, one can be really distinguished. This 
is Red Rhythm Dragon from the famous album Feet In The  Soil by James Asher. What rich drums and a sparky,
fiery  rhythm!  In his music James Asher has united the things which could seem  unconnectible: African drums 
and Australian digeridoo.

I strongly advise you to find and listen to this album. Spiritual High is one of those  projects, which should be in 
the collection of every true new age music  lover!

          Serge Kozlovsky
          Musical Gazette (Republic of Belarus)
          November 1999