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           Compiled by David Goldfarb
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NOTE: This file contains some spoilers for season one and the early part of
      season two.

Last modified: September 25, 1995

Contributors: Antha Adkins, Aaron Brezenski, Bruce Goatly, Stephen Notley, 
              John Shortess, Dave Spicer, Douglas Triggs, John Waters, 
              Jason Wong

Special thanks to Dave Spicer, who did a great deal of work.

Suite 1: "Chrysalis"

Track 1:
0:00-0:10: "Babylon Squared" -- teaser
0:11-0:39: "Babylon Squared" -- leaving Babylon 4
0:40-1:05: "Believers" and "TKO" -- the starliner Asimov
1:06-1:56: Season 1 opening title (beginning)
1:57-2:13: Asimov theme again
2:14-2:32: Season 1 opening title (conclusion)
2:33-3:10: "Mind War" -- Ironheart vs. the Black Omega Starfuries
3:11-3:28: Ambassador Kosh (many episodes)
3:55-track 2 0:07: "Deathwalker" -- Lennier talks to Sinclair in the council
Track 2:
0:08-1:59: "Deathwalker" -- the arrival of the League ships
2:00-2:41: "Deathwalker" -- Sinclair arrives in C&C, League ships back off
2:42-3:02: "Deathwalker" -- Sinclair leaves C&C
3:03-3:23: "Deathwalker" -- tag: Garibaldi and Sinclair in the Zocalo
3:24-4:40: "Mind War" -- Talia and Ironheart meet in the corridor outside
           Sinclair's office
4:41-track 3 0:06: "Mind War" -- Bester briefs Sinclair (also Bester and
                   Kelsey generally)

Track 3:
0:07-1:14: "Mind War" -- Ironheart in his quarters & the first "mindquake"
1:15-1:45: "Mind War" -- Talia & Ironheart, reprise
1:46-2:03: "Deathwalker" -- Jha'Dur discusses her immortality serum
2:04-2:20: "Deathwalker" -- League ships leave
2:21-2:41: "Midnight on the Firing Line" -- Garibaldi in the transport tube:
           "Okay, my second favorite thing in the universe."
2:42-3:10: "Soul Hunter" -- The renegade Soul Hunter escapes from the iso-lab
3:11-5:03: "Soul Hunter" -- rendezvous with the damaged ship
5:04-5:12: "Believers" -- start of act I
5:13-5:25: "Mind War" -- Garibaldi and Bester in Sinclair's office: 
           "Anatomically impossible, Mr. Garibaldi..."
5:26-5:48: "Mind War" -- Catherine Sakai departs for Sigma 357

Track 4:
0:00-0:08: "The War Prayer" -- The Centauri kids in the medlab shortly after
           Kiron awakens from his coma
0:09-3:45: "Born to the Purple" -- Londo and Adira

Suite 2: "Mind War"

Track 5:
0:00-0:50: "...And the Sky Full of Stars" -- Sinclair in bed, dreaming
0:51-1:59: "...And the Sky Full of Stars" -- Sinclair, deranged, wanders B5
2:00-track 6 0:04: "...And the Sky Full of Stars" -- "Requiem for the Line"

Track 6:
0:05-2:34: "Chrysalis" -- Garibaldi in the medlab, through the destruction
           of Earth Force One and immediate aftermath

Suite 3: "The Parliament of Dreams"

Track 7:
0:00-2:32: "...And the Sky Full of Stars" -- The Grey Council member tells
            Delenn that if Sinclair remembers, he must die
2:33-2:56: Background is "somber/sad music", heard in several episodes; e.g.,
           when Liana leaves in "Survivors"; and in "Chrysalis", discussing 
           Petrov's death in the medlab and again at Sinclair and G'Kar's
           conversation. The high-pitched, repeated electronic sound is 
           reportedly Christopher Franke's signature sound, heard somewhere
           on all his solo albums.
2:57-3:18: "Somber/sad music" continues
3:19-3:31: "Survivors" -- Earth Force One enters the jumpgate to B5
3:32-3:49: "Survivors" -- Garibaldi fights with Liana's aide
4:09-5:15: "Survivors" -- Teaser: Garibaldi and Ivanova discuss the President's
           visit; bomb explodes.
5:16-5:49: "Mind War" -- Catherine Sakai arrives at Sigma 957
5:50-track 8 3:14: "The Quality of Mercy" -- background music in "The Dark 

Track 8:
3:43-5:37: "...And the Sky Full of Stars" -- Franklin and Delenn in the medlab
           (somber/sad music with oboe)
5:38-6:03: "...And the Sky Full of Stars" (?)

Track 9:
0:00-0:38: "...And the Sky Full of Stars" -- Sinclair, in VR, wanders alone
           through the station
0:39-0:49: "Infection" -- Earth personnel confiscate the biotech
0:50-2:14: "Mind War" -- confrontation between Ironheart and the Psi-Cops
2:15-3:09: "Mind War" -- Ironheart transforms
3:10-4:27: "By Any Means Necessary" -- Rescue of dockworkers at start of act I
5:05-5:42: "Survivors" -- Liana's departure (somber/sad music again)

Suite 4: "The Geometry of Shadows"

Track 10:
0:00-1:31: Season 2 opening title
1:32-2:00: "GROPOS" -- the battle on Akdor (reminiscent of the battle from
           "Signs and Portents")
2:01-3:51: This section is called "FutureCorp" at the Sonic Images web site,
           but I don't know what episode (if any) it's from.
3:52-4:29: "GROPOS" -- Dodger's theme
4:30-4:50: "Revelations" -- Dr. Franklin visits the newly-hatched Delenn
4:51-5:20: A theme for Delenn; heard in "Soul Mates" and "Confessions and
5:21-5:57: "A Distant Star" -- the Cortez
5:58-6:27: "Points of Departure" -- Lennier with Delenn's cocoon
6:28-6:53: "Points of Departure" -- Sheridan arrives on Babylon 5
6:54-7:26: "The Coming of Shadows" -- the Centauri Emperor arrives on 
           Babylon 5
7:27-7:33: "The Long Dark" -- The Copernicus tumbles towards B5
7:34-7:46: "The Geometry of Shadows" -- Technomage theme
Track 11:
0:00-1:10: "A Distant Star" -- Delenn discusses "star-stuff"
1:11-1:41: "A Distant Star" -- Keffer lost in hyperspace
2:06-2:35: "Points of Departure" -- Lennier stands between Kalain and
           Delenn's chrysalis
2:36-3:23: "Chrysalis" -- Garibaldi, mortally wounded, crawls towards the
           transport tube.
Track 12:
0:00-3:57: Extended version of the "Requiem for the Line"
(American version: 0:00-4:13)

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