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Babylon 5 Soundtrack Vol.2
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Four years. When we first went on the air, the critics and the pundits gave us four weeks, if they were being generous, and they were rarely that. Despite predictions, prophecies, reports by reliable sources, declarations of imminent death and film claiming to show an autopsy of a certain well-known Narn... we persevered.

And now we stand at the beginning of our fourth year,looking back at talents of madness and greatness, skies full of stars and nights thick with shadows, terrible falls and promised ascensions, birth and deaths and transformations... a fictional highway littered with revelations and moments of perfect beauty.

An music. The dark strain of the Requiem of the Line, which surface in unlikely but most appropriate places, interpolated into the death of presidents and assaults on space stations and great ships on fire. The haunting, whispered music that signs in alien ships, or beckons from archaeological digs on Mars, and Z'ha'dum. The savage night-screams of shadow vessels hurtling past distant stars, and the soft, gentle movements that say, more profoundly than words, that there is hope and love, and the promise of tomorrow.

The music contained here is an integral part of the story of Babylon 5. It is, in itself, an audio journey that captures the soul of the series with breathtaking poignancy. Four years of story. Four years of wonderful music. And at the point where they intersect:

J. Michael Straczynski (Creator/Executive Producer BABYLON 5)

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