Babylon 5 - The River Of Souls
by Artist (Instrumental)

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Sonic Images Records
May 18, 1999

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Composed by
          Christopher Franke

Performed by
          Christopher Franke
          and the Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra
Conducted by
          Alan Wagner
Recorded and Produced by
          Edgar Rothermich
Mastered by
          Edgar Rothermich
Music Supervisor:
          Rudy Panke

Art Direction:
          Doerte Lau
          Wolfgang Fenchel


The River of Souls has powerful dramatic lines, which always brings out the best in Franke.  It also has more
variety in style and expression than the previous two Babylon 5 film scores, including stirring choral phrases and
some light, leisurely jazz for the Holobrothel scenes.  This release has five or six tracks about 10 to 12 minutes

Helen San
May 28, 1999

The soundtrack to The River of Souls, by Christopher Franke has quite simply got me thinking. Composed
especially for this episode (OK I know there are references to the main Babylon 5 theme tune), it is a tour de 
force. Superb interplay of conventional "straight" orchestral arrangements, using the Berlin orchestra, and the
more contemporary sounds of Mr Yamaha and Co are simply inspiring. Using synthesized sounds to paint a
soundscape can be a hazardous occupation, these textures quickly start to sound dated, what is this weeks 
"cool sound" can overnight become embarrassingly twee (take a listen to an old Rick Wakeman album to see 
what I mean). Christopher Franke' s selections seem to me to be spot on. The mental imagery and emotional 
tides certainly carried this reviewer downstream on The River of Souls. Mind you, I'm a sucker for a good 
Hammond Organ sound, the sleazy, bluesy tracks conveying a space brothel bought a chuckle to my lips. But 
why Mr Franke can we not have had a real drummer and bass player? I know that with a machine you only have to 
punch the information in once, but I missed the human touch. 

All in all, this CD is a fascinating selection of moods and thrills, competently written and superbly played and 
arranged. This particular episode features the talents of Ian McShane, Martin Sheen and Richard Biggs, a 
benchmark of talent and quality.

Ian Lace
July 20, 1999