About the Soundtrack
"Sonic Images Prime Time"

With this compilation we would like to give you the oppurtunity to listen closely to the creativity and craftsmanship of gifted composers, without whom prime time television would not be as entertaining as it is today. Thanks to Mark Isham, James Newton Howard, Basil Poledouris, Christopher Franke, John Van Tongeren, Ryeland Allison, Teal Thompson, Jay Gruska, Jeff Rona, Charles Fox, Evan H. Chen, Steven M. Stern, Steve Porcaro, Mickey Erbe and Maribeth Solomon for writing some of their greatest music for these featured TV series.

A great collection of original main titles and music from America's favorite prime time TV series. Action! Romance! Drama! Fantasy! Sci-Fi! Composers like Mark Isham, James Newton Howard, Basil Poledouris and Christopher Franke take you on a musical journey from the old west to the edges of the universe. I think, you can use some of this.

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