Disturbing Behavior
by Mark Snow (Soundtrack)

From the composer of the "X-Files"

# Title Time Listen
1 Main Title 3:27 mp3
2 The New Gavin 3:28
3 Dead Neck /Rowboat 2:06
4 Rat Man Revealed 1:26
5 Bad, Wrong, Wrong, Bad / Used To Be Friends 3:42
6 Chug's Libido 2:10 mp3
7 Double Wide /Unplugged At Bishop Flats 6:23
8 The Salute /Big Rat 2:25 mp3
9 Dickie's Induction / Who's Your Daddy 3:34 mp3
10 Evil Chairs 7:24
11 Safe Ferry /Finale 4:32 mp3
12 Disturbing Behavior: The Trailer (by John Beal) 1:40

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Sonic Images Records

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Composed & Performed By Mark Snow
Music published by U/A Music, Inc. (ASCAP)
Mixed and Recorded by Larold Rebhun
Mastered by Bob Fisher at Digital Domain
Photography by Chris Barr
Art Direction, Design: Doerte Lau
Design: Andreas Adamec 

Produced by Mark Snow
Album produced for Sonic Images by Ford A. Thaxton
Executive Album Producer: Brad Pressman
Film Music Supervisors: Sharon Boyle and John Houlihan


"Mark Snow's music can enhance the dramatic intent of the story, the scene, and - most importantly - the moment.
 His  ability to know how much or how little has always impressed me."
      - DISTURBING BEHAVIOR director David Nutter