Mr Music
by Various Artist (Soundtrack)

Soundtrack of the Showtime Original Picture "Mr Music" Starring Mick Fleetwood

# Title Time Listen
1 At The Top Of The World - Caramel 4:16
2 Friend Of Mine - Treble Charger 3:43
3 River Of Love - Pat Benatar 5:15
4 Songbird - Eva Cassidy 3:42
5 Our House - Graham Nash 2:58 mp3
6 Crossing the Bridge (Score) - Spencer Proffer/Larry Brown 1:23
7 My New Home (Score) - Spencer Proffer/Larry Brown 3:00
8 Out Of Habit - Blue Flannel 4:11 mp3
9 Only You - Pat Benatar 6:05
10 Feels Like A Sunday - Caramel 4:27
11 Circles - Keith Chagall 2:00 mp3
12 Teach Your Children - Graham Nash 1:02
13 Understandin' - Spencer Proffer/Steve Plunkett 3:17
14 Street Strut - Andrew Rollins 4:03
15 Snoop Dog, Baby - Reel Big Fish 3:25 mp3
16 Puppy Munchies - The Morlettes 0:59
17 Strawberry Wine - Pat Benatar 5:53 mp3
18 Road to Nowhere - Caramel 4:17

Album Cover

Sonic Images Records
March 9, 1999

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Soundtrack Album Producer: Spencer Proffer
Movie and Album Co-Producer: Suzanne DuBarry
Album Coordinator: Susan Pilcher
Music Administration: Gael MacGregor
Music Coordinator: Steve Plunkett
Mastering: Chas Ferry
A&R Coordinator for Sonic Images: Brad Pressman
Graham Nash Photo: Peter Max
Design: Doerte Lau, Andreas Adamec

Score Musicians
Larry Brown: Keyboards, Drums, Programming and Effects
Andrew Rollins: Guitar
Spencer Proffer: Guitar, Bass and Percussion


Mr. Music is a Showtime Cable Network picture, and is described as a "rock and roll" comedy," set in the music
industry and starring "legendary Fleetwood Mac frontman and founder" Mick Fleetwood, teen star Jonathan
Tucker and rockers Caramel as themselves.  The 64 minute soundtrack features three numbers by Caramel, plus
tracks from Treble Charger, Pat Benatar, Eva Cassidy, Blue Flannel, Keith Chagal, Reel Big Fish, two familiar
contributions: "Our House" and "Teach Your Children" from Graham Nash, and a brief jingle from The Morlettes.
The film's score, performed by guitar/keyboard/drumkit combo, is composed by Spencer Proffer and Larry Brown,
with one contribution from Andrew Rollins.  Only four cuts are featured on the disc and these are mostly easy-
going and undemanding.

Jeff Hall
May 1999